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Smiley Faces

In my water healing work, the first step is to write on your storage bottles at home the words “Love & Gratitude”. These words enhance the quality of the water with their power or hado. You can check out Hidden Messages of Water by Masaru Emoto for more about this. If you have been in my office in Sedona, you will notice the gallon plastic jug of water sitting behind me with “Love & Gratitude” written on the front but you will also notice a “Smiley Face” drawn on the bottle! In my home I keep ten gallon jugs of water in a room off the kitchen, each one has a “smiley face” drawn on it! I don’t what it is about this simple drawing that makes me smile inside. It’s just a circle with a few lines inside but when I see it, I soften inside, it reminds of my inner-child’s spirit. And when I see all ten jugs with ten smiles looking back at me—Wow! I just feel better suddenly.

One of my favorite’s chores is going the health food market to fill up the jugs with the filtered water. I carry all the smiley faces out to the car and off we go! It feels happy! I always notice that my pace has slowed down. I find a parking space and walk to the front of the store and get a shopping cart. I think if you saw me, you would wonder, “What is that tall guy smiling at?” I feel in some way I have a little secret. I don’t know what the secret is though—if that makes sense! I put the ten jugs in the basket and head back to the store. On the way, I look down and see all the happy faces looking up at me with the words love & gratitude on either side and feel…grateful…grateful that I can experience and feel this simple thing.

I get inside and start to fill each bottle and invariably someone stops and says, “I like your bottles!” It makes me happy that I can share this with them. And it’s so simple. I have written two words and face on the bottle—that’s it. And I get so much from it. Here is Sedona it is not unusual to see words written on water bottles.. I would love to bring all my jugs into a market in NYC or maybe in the mid-west and see the reaction. I truly believe that no matter where you did this—it would touch people’s heart.

So, brothers and sisters, give it a try! One smile will lead you right to your heart.

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