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Showing Your Heart

The action of “showing your heart” was an insight that came to me on vortex experience with a client this past week. I saw suddenly that the more I show my heart to the Old Ones and Ancient Ones here in the magic Kingdom and to the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock, Tree, and Plant People, the stronger and more frequent their messages come to me.
What does it mean to show your heart? Many things but perhaps most of all—to be vulnerable. A theme many clients hear me talk about: a warrior’s greatest strength is their vulnerability. They are vulnerable but detached at the same time, meaning they don’t take anything personal. When you are vulnerable you are able to receive. And receiving is how one gets an insight or a realization. And insights will always create the deepest and most lasting shifts in your life.
I suggested to my client that day to find more ways to show his heart to the world. Then it occurred to me that another way I do this myself is by writing this column for my site. Many wonderful things have happened in my life since I started it.
I know it feels scary to show what is deep inside you, to be vulnerable. You are afraid to get hurt, especially when you have opened yourself totally to someone or something and then it doesn’t work out. You feel betrayed, devastated, deeply hurt. But remember, brothers and sisters, that “doesn’t work out” is an interpretation you are making. If you make that interpretation of course you will feel hurt. Choose another perspective. Think to yourself, “What perspective could I choose that would make me feel good.” Always look for the gift in a situation that appears bad. But also remember the basic principle that I always talk about: low moods. It’s your mood that will dictate your thoughts. Wait for yourself to shift to higher mood, a nicer feeling and you will naturally see that situation with understanding which will lead to a nicer feeling and also, a feeling of letting go.
Abraham Lincoln said, “I rather trust all the time and be disappointed once in a while, then to not trust and be miserable.” Wise words—truly. People act out of their own reality which has absolutely nothing to do with you. Their actions come from their own personal history, childhood wounds, etc. If you get this in a deeper way—WOW—you’re whole world will change. There is freedom in that knowing. Freedom to be yourself—the self deep down inside you that wants to come out—let it! Wake up tomorrow morning and say to your self, “At least once today, I will show my heart in some way.” Feel the pleasure of being innocence and open.
Today with a client during the vortex experience, I encouraged her to walk thru a patch of bushes about 100 meters square. The bushes were all bare. I suggested that she let the bushes feel the love inside her. I wanted her to feel again what it was like to let her love out because she has shut it down a little. And then my guides, said, “Tell her to let that love in one instant, flower all the bushes.” She did it! Afterwards I asked her, “What color were the flowers?” With a smile on her face, she said, “Yellow and white”. It was pretty close to the same thing I saw!
By being vulnerable you open yourself to the possibility of receiving amazing gifts that can change your life. But you will also affect the world around you in magical ways. Let your love touch the world—the world is waiting–it’s waiting, my friends.
A Ho,

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