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Showing Your Heart II

This is the first column in quite a while. I took a long break from work and writing. Over the last few weeks, I have had many great ideas about possible columns but I couldn’t feel them to their end. So I waited and waited some more. In moments it was frustrating. I know how much clients like these stories and I like writing them—well—I love writing them! You’d be surprised how many times I go back and read them myself. They make me feel good! As I tell clients, “All you’re looking for is a nice feeling and that feeling will take you right back to your wisdom.” Tonight, after three days of incredible vortex experiences with clients—I am leaping back in!

In the last week, I feel I have taken the Sedona vortex experience to a new level. I am letting go even more and trusting Spirit at a deeper level than ever. I have always been grateful for my ability to adjust and improvise and follow what my guides and Spirit communicate to me on these experiences; that’s why every experience is so different. But one of my teachers pointed out to me that I can go even further, that at a very subtle level I was still managing. He was right! And so I am letting go at that deeper level and this intention has taken me and clients to some powerful places.

I am feel I am modeling my philosophy even more—letting go equals trust. I am going to talk a lot about this in future columns. I think we all do this to some extent—too much managing! You know who you are!

I’ve been to the Family of Trees with clients a few times in the last week. I continue reading to the tree people from my book, The Woodstock Bridge. But now I do it with clients there. I feel great doing it and clients seem to dig it!

The Family of Trees has revealed their purpose to me! It was right there in front of me all the time but as I have said I never tried to figure it out. I just had faith that it would be revealed to me when it was time. Here it is: The Family of Trees is a place clients can feel safe showing their heart. I think so many people have shut down this part of them—they are living from their mind so much they have forgotten what it’s like to show their heart. They are locked down for fear of judgment or being hurt again—so many reasons. But if I can offer a place they can feel safe to have one moment where they can be vulnerable maybe it will open the door to their heart, even it’s a crack.

How do you show your heart? It’s different for everyone. I trust my Guides and Spirit to guide a client to the best way to do that if they don’t know. Back to faith again! For me, its reading from my book or letting my little boy spirit come out and bounce around among the trees, patting and hugging them. Or maybe just speaking my deepest truth to someone or even to me. When was the last time you spoke your deepest truth to yourself. Do you know what it is?

A Ho,

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