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A column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seroiusness illness or who are currently patients.
The column will also include excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2011.

Sexual Abuse & Illness

Is there a connection between sexual abuse and illness? Yes, in my practice, I see it quite often. I have yet to see anything written about this connection. I am spefically referring to the sexual abuse of children by one parent, relatives, friends of family, etc. I use the phrase sexual abuse in lieu of “incest” which I feel white washes the sexual violence that happens to children.
When a child is traumatized by being forced into sex, it can create a cellular memory that 20, 30 or 40 years later becomes a tumor or other serious illness. That child feels many things: anger, fear, inability to feel safe, and judgment of self.  These negative emotional energies create blocks in the life-force and thus illness is created.  That’s simple way to describe the mind-body connection.
The statistics around incest are startling but also deceiving. It’s estimated that 20% of the population have been exposed to incest.  Now, that number is deceiving because there is stigma around incest and sexual abuse and people are very reluctant to talk about it.  In addition, in traditional mental health literature, the numbers are very high on children blocking the memories of this sexual abuse. If you put that all together, I feel you can safely double that figure to 40%– shocking, to say the least.
What do you, do about it?  I encourage my clients to explore The Journey Work developed by Brandon Bays, which in my experience is the deepest cellular memory work around.  But any intention to explore these memories at an inner-child level is a win-win. As long as it’s in a short-term high-impact model. To mean, I don’t want to encourage anyone to commit to a long-term therapy process.  I think we are at point in our spiritual evolution that there are new and effective short term models avalible to us. This is just my personal take on this process and I enourage you follow what’s right in your heart as long as it’s working and you are feeling better.
In essence what needs to happen in this process is for you to get into that inner-child’s emotional body and visualize your perpetrators and finally speak your truth, the pain, whatever feelings you never got to have.  And then find a way to forgive them.  Sometimes you can’t forgive the person but you can forgive the child in that person.
I call this hitting the first domino.  Sometimes if you can heal that first wound it will click right into your adult life and many issues you struggle with will be instantly resolved or you will have leapt forward quite a distance.  The intent is to free up that emotional block and let the life-force inside you flow again.
In my practice, eighty percent of my clients are women and one of my missions is to encourage them “to get bright”–meaning, that doing this deeper work is a win-win.  The stastictics around women getting ill are ridiculously high.  And I have never met a client that didn’t believe in the mind-body connection, but what are they willing to do about it—is another matter!  Someone said to me when I had cancer, “It’s much easier not to get it than to get rid of it.”  I thank that person everyday.  Wise words.
It’s not my intention to scare anyone—absolutely not.  I just want to encourage clients to “get bright”.  I struggle myself once in a while with not doing what I know I should be doing!
If you have been abused sexually as child or adult and haven’t done the work I have described, I encourage you to open yourself and go for it.  You have the courage to face those monsters. Get it done and over with and let that piece of you that’s been hiding—go free!
You can make that one scary decsion to move forward—or another way of describing it—that one spiritual decsion.
A Ho,

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