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Sedona Hikes
Commitment to the Rock-People

A few nights ago I was watching the movie Forrest Gump (fifth time!) and a rush of feeling went thru me during the scene where he is running thru Monument Valley. The rocks there resemble many of the red rock formations here on Sedona hikes. It was a feeling of gratitude to be part of this amazing place called Sedona. It opened a door inside me to many realizations about myself and my work here in the Magic Kingdom.

My relationship with the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock People really started when I moved to Sedona three and half years ago. But when I look back over the years I notice when I had the chance I was always scaling and scrambling over some rocks. It just made feel good to be close to them. I felt they were friends.

At first here in Sedona my relationship to the Rock-People grew without me noticing it. On my Sedona hikes I would find some new boulder-field or dry creek bed to explore. I felt at home among the rocks. I just kept following my heart and discovering incredible places. I saw how in a few tight situations the rocks saved me. People will ask what do you mean, “Saved you?” I can’t explain that in words, only that I always seem to be guided over them to the safest route or one boulder was exactly where I needed it to be. It was a feeling that they were supporting me. I started thanking them for this help on hikes and climbs. I would stop and talk to them, asking how they were. And soon I began to hear them speak to me. My trust deepened that they would support me on tricky scrambles or boulder hopping. The Rock People are strong and solid. They have much wisdom they want to offer you if you are open to listening.

Sedona Vortex Experience

On Sedona Vortex experiences, I always feel their support of the mission here in Sedona. I honor their wisdom during these shamanic journeys by asking for guidance; they always see the big picture. If I accidentally kick a small rock, I bend down and apologize, asking if it wants to return to its original location or begin a new journey. I tell clients when we are boulder-dancing, “Don’t worry, you are in my personal power and I’ve never had anyone fall.” Perhaps what I really mean is the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock-People honor my intent of trust and faith and will not let you stumble or fall. I have never had a client fall or I have fallen myself in three and half years.

This Is My Place!

When I saw that scene of the Red Rocks in Forrest Gump, I heard myself whispering, “That’s my place, my place.” I felt so honored to be in a relationship with these grand rock formations. To have a place in my life which I am deeply committed too and that commitment is honored. My gratitude for these feelings is overwhelming. I have waited so many years to be able to have these rich feelings and to open myself and take these relationships to a deeper level. Perhaps most of all I am grateful to be who I am. I know many of you, know what I mean. And if you don’t, come to Sedona and I will do whatever I can to guide you back to yourself!

If you show your heart, my friends, if you acknowledge that everything has life, if you trust—you can experience these deep feelings of gratitude and honor.

So on this day in the Magic Kingdom, “I humbly thank all the Rock-People and the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks for becoming my friend. I am honored to be kin to you, to be your grandson and brother. My heart is full. I am standing before you. I go, you go. A Ho. A Ho.”

Greg (the guide)

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