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Twice in the last two weeks, I have received omens and followed them. The result has been awesome! They both involved taking clients to specific vortexes.

There is a beautiful red rock formation near the Female Vortex. I sensed it was a place of power, a vortex. I have walked by it many times but never got the signal that it was a place to take clients.

Two weeks ago, I was getting ready to go on a hike by myself. (A note here: if you’re researching vortex guides, ask them how many times a week they hike on their own. I have felt that exploring on my own three times a week was important to my work and also a way to becoming more intimate with Mother Earth. Sometimes, I have to drag myself out the car! But I always feel better after coming back from my hike-I feel connected.)

Anyway, back to the omens! That day I decided to go to the Female Vortex on my own. I wasn’t sure why, I just felt pulled there. As I was making my way up the trail, I stopped and gazed over at this large red rock formation I mentioned. I felt the place in a different way than I ever had, as if it were calling me. I have found all the Sedona vortexes you read about here from that “calling” feeling.

I navigated my way to the base and made the short easy climb to the top plateau. The view was incredible! I noticed that the plateau is lined up in the center of four vortexes. But the energy didn’t feel good. I looked around and saw there were quite a few carvings of initials and names in the red rock-this is a big fine here in Sedona. Those people I am sure did this in innocence and it wasn’t their intention to harm this sacred place — kids probably.

As I stood there I got an insight that I should heal the rocks, something I only remember doing once with some injured trees. So I scanned around and asked my guides where I should stand to do the healing. I felt the south would be the most ideal place. And sure enough that’s where my Native guides pointed me. I sang to the four directions and then went thru a process of clearing and healing the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. I felt humbled and so grateful that I was guided to do this. The energy felt much better. I thanked the rock people and headed home.

The omen: The next day it was my pleasure to guide a wonderful woman on a vortex experience. I planned on taking her to the Female Vortex and on the way there just like the day before, I felt that red rock formation pulling at me again. I stopped for a moment and wondered if I should take my client there. Now, this is unusual because I have rule that I will only take clients to Vortexes that I have been to at least four or five times, especially if the hike or climb is a little tricky. But my instinct felt that perhaps why I had gone there the day before was so I could take this client there.

I went quiet inside and just let go of all thought. When I felt the moment was right, I asked my guides if I should lead my client there. The answer was a very clear, “Yes!” So, I trusted in my guides and got flexible. This was a lesson also-to be open to changing the plan.

My client and I made it to the top plateau and the Vortex power was immense! I was blown away at how much it had changed from the day before. I was so grateful that I had the privilege to help this special place in some way. My client had a very powerful experience at the top — a true breakthrough. It was my honor to be present with her. And she has blessed me with a testimonial (see to the bottom left) about her journey (thank you, Cindy-A Ho)

That sacred vortex was for her; Spirit wanted here to go there. Spirit always sees the big picture. I honored Spirit’s voice in me by listening and as a result this wonderful client received powerful insights and a healing of her spirit.

So from this day forth: “Behold The Vortex in the Center”. Perhaps, it will be my honor to guide you there someday

A Ho,

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