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A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona retreat and Sedona Vortex Experiences and living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!

 My Favorite Things

Yesterday, I was shopping in Walgreens and I noticed an elderly woman struggling to pick up a bag of cat food. Of course, I leaned down and offered to help her and put two bags in her cart for her.

I love helping elderly people—my heart just fills with joy and I thought suddenly that it’s really one of my favorite things to do. As I was driving home, it got me thinking of other favorite things of mine. So I thought I make a list and share it with you and encourage you to make your own list!

These are in no particular order!

1.Taking naps! I seem to sleep more peacefully and haven’t really figured out why!

2. Hiking of course. But that’s once I get past the excuses I try to conjure up not to go!

3. I love teaching clients the “Feeling Prayer” or what I also call the “Already Done & Already Accomplished Work”. I know the magic to create their dreams is in the prayer

4.Watching the reality show Rock Star—reminds me of the feeling in the music during the 60’s and 70’s.  I have written about this in the newsletter.

5. Reading Andrew Vachss—a warrior making an enormous difference in the lives of abused children. His work changed my life—period.

6. Reading The Moveable Feast by Hemingway—one of his lesser known books but taught me so much about writing. Thanks for the writing lessons, Papa! If my writing is a faint echo of your style I am honored.

7. Being in South Dakota—the Black Hills—it’s as simple as that. Will always feel like home to me.

8. Almost forgot!  Watching movies!  I am truly a child of the movies—they have shaped my life and that’s why I get such pleasure in sharing a movie recommendation.

9. Listening to Kelly Joe Phelps—a blues musician who reflects the music in my heart when I wrote my first screenplay, The Lead Guitarist.  I keep wearing your cds out, brother!  I am going to write about Kelly in the next newsletter.

10.  I love that first moment everyday when I walk into my office here in the Magic Kingdom. It’s the dream office—truly.  I love sharing it with clients.

11. I love talking to children—I always feel connected to them and learn from their innocence—it gets me immediately back in touch with what’s important.

12.  Once in a while on a vortex experience, it’s my honor to guide an elderly woman and they ask me to hold their hand over some of the terrain. It reminds me of when my mom was sick and the many times I had to hold her hand—it was my turn to give her a little back of the incredible support she gave me—“You had my back, mom, now I have yours.”

There is so much more!  I encourage you to do your own list—it will make you feel your soul, brothers and sisters.

A Ho,

PS. I’m back!

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