Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

A weekly column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seroiusness illness or who are currently patients.
The column will also include excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2011

The Mexican Dental Connection

For the last few weeks I have been going to Mexico to have dental work done. I know it sounds wild! But as I have come to learn many Arizona and California people go to Mexico to have dental work. The prices are so incredibly low. There are some fantastic dentists there. I found mine thru my chiropractor here in Sedona. The more I asked around the more I discovered that many people have had very successful experiences in Mexico. I saved about $4000! Crowns were $300 and partials $350! If there was ever a Draw No Conclusions story this is one of them!
But the story goes even deeper. I was at my dentist in Flagstaff on a routine visit. I had an instinct it was ok to tell him that I was going to Mexico to check it out. First, I wondered what he thought and second, I wanted to know if he would back me up if there was a problem with the work. To my surprise, he was absolutely supportive and understood completely why I would go down there. WOW! This is a guy with a million dollar practice and very committed to his work. He’s a world-class dentist.
So I went down and had two crowns done (more on this later) and called my dentist in Flagstaff and told him about the experience and asked his guidance on the two partials I needed. He talked to me twice that day for a total of 20 minutes. He was very interested in their work down there and in fact did some research on the type of partials. I thought his generosity and openness was the classiest thing. It really taught me something. I am this guy’s fan for life!
There’s another important element to this little story. I asked for what I needed from my dentist even though I was a little hesitant. I just let go and was willing to listen to whatever he offered. Another way of saying this is—I spoke into possibility. Not only did I get what I needed but was modeled true generosity and openness—this really penetrated me.
When we let go, there are all sorts of gifts waiting for us!
Thank you, Dr. F.

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