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A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!


Please forgive the delay in this posting, I have been booked solid the last two weeks. Periodically, I do radio-interviews for my book, The Woodstock Bridge and they want a high-speed answer regarding what it’s about. It’s about listening. This has been a theme in last month with many clients and even in my own life. All shifts in our life come from two places: insights and action. How does one receive an insight? By raising your mood or quieting down. From listening with a different set of ears than we are use to, by listening for a feeling. If you ever get a chance to be around someone that “sees” or a wise person, never pay attention to their words, always listen for a feeling. Clients will ask what does that mean! That’s a hard one to explain. Just try it and see what happens.
My mission with clients is to empower them to get into an environment where insights will show up. They usually come in quiet moments or when we feel good. Insights very seldom come when we are in a low mood. You have to get out of the basement to be able to have any perceptive. This is why many of my assignments with clients are about encouraging them to point themselves towards a nice feeling. To get the focus off the issues. Insights about those issues will come when our mood rises.
This takes trust that our innate wisdom will reveal itself if we give it a chance. Many clients are up in their head and don’t know how to quiet down. They’re just caught in a habit and sometimes it will take time. But five minutes of quiet inside is a start. Anything that will help you be in the present will do. Thought only exists in the past and future, never in the present moment. Many great writers have written about this. Ekart Tolle being one, in his book The Power of Now.
That’s why I think Sedona has such a powerful effect on people. The vortex energy for whatever reason has way of getting people in the present. I have been honored to be with many clients who suddenly experience good feelings they have never had or at least not in a long while. Perhaps it’s the way I guide the vortex experience-really paying attention to everything, being very present with all the plants, and trees and rocks and the Old Ones that live in these places. We are conducting ourselves in sacred manner and Mother Earth helps clients to get to a deeper place inside themselves; the place where insights live–inside. Remember, an insight is a sight from within! From the beginning of time, all the great sages and philosophers and mystics have been saying the same thing-“Go inside, look within”. I know it’s frustrating! But the answers do truly exist inside us. We’ve all had the experience of being totally lost about something then in one moment we get the answer!
If for the next two days-you said to yourself every hour, “Look inside, the answer is inside me”, you might be surprised!
A Ho, my brothers and sister. A Ho

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