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Letting Go Equals Trust

When I am guiding clients in the vortexes I often point out to them my process because I want them to be aware of how I let go and listen to Spirit. I know that modeling is one of the most powerful forms of learning.
If you’re out in the vortex with me, you will see me suddenly stop (hopefully we have not fallen in each other!). What happened in that moment is that I have gotten a “feeling”. I can’t describe that feeling only that it’s a sense there is something about to happen or that there is message in this place. Then I just let go and trust, I have faith the guidance from Spirit will come. When I first started doing this work, this process made me a little nervous because clients spend a lot of money and I want to be responsible to them. So standing in a waiting mode might not be what they want! But if I try and reach for what Spirit is offering or try and force it, the guidance or message will slip away. I go still and have faith that Spirit will speak to me. And then wham! The message comes! And the content of that guidance always amazes me
My personal mission is to embody more of this trusting process in my life. And I certainly encourage my clients to do the same. I get many emails from clients who have taken this modeling from me and experimented with it. Their results are fantastic. There is calmness and certainty to their decision making that wasn’t present before. They are guided to right actions more and more.
If you’re a parent it’s always good to remember that modeling is the most powerful tool you have in teaching children. When a parent comes in and tells me they are staying in the unhappy marriage for the children. I try my best to support them in seeing that might not be the message you want to give your children. No matter how much you try to cover up the unhappiness, your kids will feel it.
Where is Spirit? Inside you! Always inside you. No matter where you go it’s there waiting for you to listen. Be patient and trust.

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