Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

A weekly column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seroiusness illness or who are currently patients.< br /> The column will also include excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2011

“It Is What It Is!”

“It is what it is” was a phrase you would hear me speak once in a while during the cancer journey. It was usually a reply to someone’s offering their sympathy or surprise when hearing of the cancer. What does this simple phrase mean? Acceptance.
The sooner you accept that you have cancer the sooner it will begin to heal. But more importantly, the sooner you will feel a sense of peace within yourself. That peace will create an opening for insights about how to heal. Peace and silence are the environments that insights live in. At this time in your life when there will be many decsions to make. You want to be focused about staying in a “good feeling” place inside and not in your head.
If you accept you have cancer, other people will too. But and this very important-it doesn’t mean you go into a drift or become inactive in your healing. You don’t say, “I have cancer now, there is nothing I can do, I have to leave it to the doctors.” Acceptance is giving you the right mind-set to move to the next step, “Ok, I have cancer, now what do I do? What’s my next action?” You don’t want to ask these questions from a place of fear or panic. You will hear me saying this quite a lot in these chapters-because it’s truly important.
Fear and panic are coming from thoughts you are choosing to have. Next time you get fearful remember that spiritual fact. It will help, I promise.
“It is what it is” helped me not to feel sorry for myself or fall into “why me” or the many negative judgments we can make when faced with a serious illness. I always felt empowered when I spoke those words. Maybe you can find your own words to trigger a feeling of power. Another one was a poem by D. H Lawrence:
“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself”
Ask the universe for some words that will help. They will show up! Accept and move forward. It’s important, brothers and sisters. Accept and move forward.

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