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“I’m Very Green!”

There is a magical trail that winds through the Vortex Circles and near the first powerful circle you will find a beautiful green bush that stands seven feet high and six feet wide. I have become friends with this bush and every time I guide clients to this special place, I stop and give the bush a big hug and talk with it. I love this friendly bush—he represents openness to me. I always feel welcomed by his spirit. It’s a male bush. How do I know this? It’s what I do for a living! Trust me! Each time the bush says the same thing to me: “I’m very green!” When I hear him speak this phrase, a gentle warmth flows me. I feel myself smiling deep in my soul.
It’s the feeling in his voice that really penetrates me. He speaks the phrase with a wonderful vulnerability and pride of knowing who he is. There is nothing more attractive and engaging than experiencing another spirit’s vulnerability. The bush knows who he is and likes who he is. I want to repeat that—he likes who he is. He’s green and he loves being green fully!
So in the last few weeks, when my clients and I encounter the bush, I tell them what I heard my new bush friend say and then ask my clients “What do you like being?” Clients have had a difficult time answering this question and I can sense it really gets them thinking on Sedona Vortex experiences!
For me, I like being a listener! “I’m a very good listener!” That is the essence of what I do in my work here in the Magic Kingdom—Listen very deeply to what the Old Ones, my wisdom, my guides and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers are saying. It took me a long time to know how to do this and my listening keeps getting deeper.
I truly wish there much more written about “listening”. That’s why I point clients to Syd Bank’s work, the jeti master of listening at a deep level. I think like my most teachers, I want to guide clients to where they can create the most powerful shift in the quickest amount of time. As Syd says—“where they can jump the boundaries of time”. And that place is in listening.
But back to the question: What do you like being? I encourage you to really explore this for a few days. Write the question on half dozen index cards and tape them everywhere! Maybe you like being more than one thing—cool!
We all have something we like being. I truly believe that is the gift that the creator gave us—we each have something that is unique about us. Listen very carefully to your spirit—it will whisper the answer.
I thank my new friend, the Green Bush for this powerful gift of modeling and I thank my teachers for teaching me how to listen. It is my hope that someday a beautiful spirit will smile at you and say, “I’m very green”!
A Ho,

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