Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

A weekly column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seroiusness illness or who are currently patients.
The column will also include excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2012.

Healing Outline

You’ve heard me talk about Healing Strategies, so I thought I sketch out here what I mean and then no more writing for this healer-I’m on vacation-heal thyself, Greg!
I believe a multi-dimensional approach is a formula for success. Here are the components:

  • Conventional medicine protocol
  • Alternative medicine protocol either by itself or in conjunction with conventional protocol.
  • Strong focus on emotional work or the healing the cellular memory that manifested the disease. The Journey Work by Brandon Bays has my highest recommendation.
  • Exercise.
  • Nutrition recommended by your holistic docotor. Don’t make your own descions about this. A body in a healing crisis needs a specific diet. Lets the experts figure it out.
  • Entity, etheric cord, family lineage clearing and additional clearing of sub-conscious messages that inhibit life flow.
  • Water healing. The breakthrough work you can read about in Messages from the Magic Kingdom.
  • Manifestation work each and every day. “Already done, Already accomplished”. This is the powerful breakthrough technology I teach based on The Isaiah Effect By Greg Braden and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lyn Grabhorn
  • Deepening your relationship with your Creator. Prayer.
  • Being determined each and every day to keep “doing” work to grow and explore your spirit.

What you have here is a formula for victory!

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