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A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Retreats or living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!

Have The Experience!

“Have the experience” is a phrase you will hear me say too many clients while they are in here on Sedona retreat.  What do I mean?  To really understand deeply that you have natural wisdom, you must experiment with the following principle: When you let go of your unproductive or unhealthy thinking, you will automatically return to your natural wisdom because it’s the default setting.
But until you initiate this action of letting go you will never have the experience of getting validation of automatically feeling your natural wisdom!  I call it letting go equals activation.  This is about fully embracing your power of free will.  Read that again, brothers and sisters—fully embracing your power of free will!  Your negative thoughts and feeling are only clouding your wisdom and mental health.  When you let the clouds float away—you’re automatically back in your spiritual intelligence–you were born with it and it can not be destroyed!
You can read a hundred personal growth books or take one workshop after another or even go to India to study under a guru but you must step forward and have this experience of letting go to get real life validation of the principle.
It took me so long to understand this simple principle. I want you to get it now! Your natural state is one of wisdom; you don’t have to search for it!  All you have to do is ignore your unproductive or unhealthy thinking and then BOOM—you’re in your mental health.
If you’re in a low mood about something that happened in your life, have the experience of not giving it any energy and just go about your day, knowing that your natural mental health will return.  And then WOW—you’re back!  Have this experience and it will truly deepen your knowing of this principle.  It will build one beautiful stone of validation on top of another.  And the time between being in a low mood and returning to your nice feelings will grow shorter and shorter!
All you have to do is try, brothers and sisters.  If you come a little ways, your Creator will come the rest!

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