Sedona Retreat Stories

A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!


I send greetings from The Female Vortex, the Vortex in the Center, The Healing Tree, The Gatekeeper, The Perfect Vortex, The Hawk Vortex, Eagle’s View Vortex, and my brother at Many Boulders. These Sacred places are alive as you and I are—a fact that went deeper for me in the last few days. Yesterday, I climbed Many Boulders and visited my bother which is a little warrior tree that grows out of volcanic boulders. He is the only tree growing out of five acres of boulders! I missed my brother. I had not visited him in 6 months, due to the fact that this is dangerous climb and I have had very few clients that I would take there.
I sat down next to the little tree and apologized for not having seen him sooner. I gave him a full update on the work I have been doing and what’s been going on in my life. I spent about 15 min with him and then headed back down. As I crossed over the last volcanic rock and moved into the trees, I stopped suddenly. It dawned on me, that I had spent 15 min talking to him and making observations about the changes around him but I never gave him time to talk to me—I never went into listening mode—other than to hear him tell me –he’s proud of me. (And I am supposed to be an expert on listening!) I turned back and moved into the periphery of the rocks and shouted an apology to him for not listening. I felt his smile and gratitude for recognizing that and he conveyed some of his feelings to me. If felt good to be there for him. It occurred to me that my work is about listening to messages for clients from the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock, Tree and Plant People and the Old Ones but I am not listening as much I should to what they are feeling.
Isn’t this the way with our interactions with other humans? How focused are we truly on listening to others. Listening without waiting for our chance to speak! Listening without assessing or judging or analyzing what that person is saying! We want many things as humans but perhaps the most important is to be acknowledged, to be truly listened too. Most of my clients are women (which is truly honor for me) and I have found what they want most of all is to be listened too without being offered a solution or to be analyzed. I joke with the boyfriends and husbands and tell them, if they want to have great sex—just simply listen to your wife or girlfriend without forcing a solution or anything on them!
Try and spend a few days just listening to people and family around you—meaning less talking! See how you feel. See how their energy shifts. You might be surprised!
So on this day in the Magic Kingdom, “I offer a humble apology to all the sacred places that have adopted me. I vow that I will do my best to listen to what you need and offer any support I can. I thank you for your allegiance to me. I am honored by your support of the mission. It means more than I can say. A Ho, Grandfathers and Grandmothers. I am standing before you. My heart is full. A Ho.

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