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A column for individuals who have overcome or currently have cancer or a seroiusness illness. The column also includes excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2012.

Getting Motivated

I have never met a client who doesn’t believe in the mind-body connection but that conviction is very difficult for many to translate into action. I know it’s difficult to get motivated by something that “may” happen.
In discussion with clients, many of them sense inside they are heading for a big illness. But despite that knowing, they can’t seem to make the changes necessary. And I fully understand that feeling of frustration. I encourage clients and myself to know that even minor changes can create a detour from illness. In the mind-body context, lack of forgiveness of one-self or someone else is usually at the root of illness. But sometimes illness can begin from multi-dimensional reasons. And one should try to make minor changes not only emotionally but also physically, starting with small steps.
Right now, for myself, I got the word from my energy practitioner that she is picking up the beginning energy of diabetes. Just like the clients I mentioned this doesn’t surprise me. The good news is she didn’t pick up any cancer energy and interestingly, I knew she wouldn’t. We all know our bodies pretty well. Let me clarify that this practitioner is diagnosing at a very subtle energy level—way before any conventional method would. But even an indication from a subtle energy level can feel difficult to get motivated from.
The health practiconer and my instinct are telling me the same thing. And my work here is to encourage clients to listen to their wisdom! But if a “doctor” tells us we better make some changes or serious trouble is coming, then suddenly we are paying attention. Because someone in authority is giving us the “official word”! See where I am going, brothers and sisters! Trust and more trust in that inner voice is the goal.
What inhibits my getting motivated? That’s my inquiry, my curiosity with myself. My innate wisdom knows the answer, just like your wisdom knows about yourself. But take it one step further: when in your wisdom, aren’t you making better choices health wise? I venture to say, yes!
Are we picking up the piece of chocolate cake or not going on that hike because for one split-second we spark some negative un-motivating thoughts? What are those thoughts? Are they real? Probably not.
I like these questions—they reflect curiosity, a willingness to move forward. But it’s how they can be answered is where you and I can make a shift. We need to have faith that our wisdom and innate mental health can answer them in the form of insights. And insights are motivators and usually shift us at very deep level.
Sometimes it’s good to know what we are looking for. What’s the target? Here it is: An insight about motivation. What can we be responsible for? To have faith in our inner spiritual intelligence to give us that insight.
Lots of questions, brothers and sisters. And as I am learning lately, it’s good to be in fascination about yourself and others, as long as you allow your wisdom to give you the answers.
Tough one to write!
A Ho,

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