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A Friendship with Mind Tripping

Last week during a session with a client, I said to her, “You have to break this friendship with mind-tripping!” We laughed at the truth of it.  It’s a friendship we have nurtured for many years—mind-tripping is actually like our best friend!  Here is my invitation and question to you: “When are you going to say, ‘Thanks for the memories, pal but you are keeping me from my God given wisdom!’”

Mind-tripping is the opposite of faith. It’s a lack of faith in our wisdom. There are a few spiritual facts that we can be sure of and this is the big kauna—you are living in a state of natural wisdom!

Mind-tripping is our attempt to control.  My next question to you, brothers and sisters, is: “Is it working!”  I would wager probably not.  Obsessive thinking is a challenge or plight many clients come to me with.  I feel for them—because I have truly been there!  And sure, I drop into some world-class mind-tripping once in while.  But it’s another galaxy from what it use to be back in “the day”.

How do you stop it?  First, under no circumstances do I suggest anyone try to control their thoughts.  Instead, look for a nice feeling.  I know it sounds simple.  But I bet if you are in a nice feeling you very seldom find yourself in that place of obsessive thinking.

And most importantly let go of your judgment of your mind-tripping!  That will be a big help, I promise you.  See the humor in it.

The strategies I suggest to clients are usually the opposite of what most teachers will encourage.  It’s actually a non-strategy!  The theme is consistent: When you are in your natural God-given nice feeling, you very seldom go to mind-tripping.  You are in a place of natural self-esteem or the opposite of insecurity which is really the base of mind-tripping.

When I find myself thinking too much, I always try and take a moment and say to myself, “Ok, brother, let’s just have faith in our spiritual intelligence and let it guide us to what actions we need to take.”  Try this!  Experiment!  You can always go back to your buddy, mind-tripping!  Take a trial separation!  Don’t let your co-dependent thinking kick in: “But Greg, I don’t want to hurt his feelings!”

Just try, brothers and sisters!  Experimenting equals validation!

A Ho,

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