Sedona Vortex Stories

A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences!


I guided this very-gifted woman out this past week; she was here in on a One Day Retreat.  She could really “see” which initially surprised me because she is very hard on herself and very analytical.  But as soon we stepped onto the trail she felt the power there which is always wonderful to witness on Sedona vortex journeys.
As we moved along, I looked up and saw her inner-child standing 50 feet of ahead of us. I guided my client to her little girl and coached her on how to connect with her.  Like many clients (me included) she had really buried the little girl in her. She just didn’t let herself be a child anymore.  After a few minutes, we all headed off and I mean all!  I encouraged my client to hold her little girl’s hand and to show her she was going to stop “letting go” of her.
We got another 500 meters up the dry-creek bed we were traversing and I saw a little boy standing there! This confused me at first. I asked my client if a little boy had died in her life somewhere—she said no.  As always, I just went still inside and let it come to me what this was all about.  Then I got it!  He was here to accompany her little girl!  One thing my client had told me was that in relationships she has trouble attracting men who want to play they “way” she wants to play.  So the two little kids were going to model it right in front of her!  I shook my head in awe at the brightness of Spirit.  But there was more to his being there.  I knew and the client knew she would having trouble staying connected during the vortex experience with her little girl—so the little boy showed up to keep her little girl company and know she wasn’t alone!  A Ho, One Ones, A Ho.
It was wonderful to see them running ahead of us, playing, giggling, and having adventures.  It was another day that I felt privileged to do this work.  Thank you, Grandfather.

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