Cancer & Illness Healing Stories

A weekly column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seroiusness illness or who are currently patients.
The column will also include excerpts from "Draw No Conclusions", my new book about my 4 year journey with cancer. Due to be released in 2012

Follow-up Detoxfication

After you completed conventional oncology treatment, I would suggest consulting an alternative doctor whether that be an MD, NMD, ND or highly qualified herbalist about detoxifying from the chemo and/or radiation. For whatever reason, conventional therapy very seldom addressed this. This detox would certainly be the first step towards rebuilding your immune system which is another process that conventional therapy does not address.
But undertaking a detox-protocol should always be under the guidance and supervision of a health practioner who is versed in conventional chemo and radiation therapies. Finding a doctor or practioner who is fluent in both conventional and alternative will benefit you greatly. Those people are out there more and more each year. If you have a good open relationship with your oncologist you might inform them what you are doing.
There are many reasons cancer comes back but certainly one of them is that the immune system is so comprised from the chemo. So why not eliminate this possibility and do a 60-90 day detox and immune building protocol—makes sense! When you initiate this is up to the professionals. Your oncologist might like you to wait a while. Consider their opinion along with your alternative team.
In this chapter I want to also address those who have cancer but are very reluctant to undertake conventional protocols because of the harm they feel it will do to their body. These are specific scenarios where the conventional protocol has a very high probability of success but the individual is still reluctant. At present, there are very good doctors that can design and customize a concurrent alternative protocol to both protect you from the chemo and radiation and also enhance its effectiveness. So I encourage you to consider that.
You want to take all the actions that are available to you. Don’t be afraid to keep asking questions. Follow thru and keep following thru—don’t let up!

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