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Feeling Happy

What makes you feel happy? What makes you feel happy when you absolutely have to feel happy? I know it’s out there for you! For me, it’s watching video clips from the “Rock Star Inxs” series. If I get into a bad place and go online and watch a few clips—bam—I’m in a better mood. Guaranteed!

If you don’t have something like that in your life—go find it! If you don’t, then you discovered something—some part of you just doesn’t want to feel happy—feeling sad or angry or numb has become familiar. This is good, you got more information. We have all been there. This is why many clients come to see me, they want to get unstuck. Sometimes just the right words, the right feeling unlocks the door of stuckness.

My mission with clients is to fan their inner wisdom. When I speak to them from own wisdom it connects with theirs. How this happens is magical and certainly a mystery. We must always remember that wisdom is formless and can’t be truly communicated with words.

Lately, in sessions with clients you will hear me talking more about the process of hearing or be guided to your wisdom. I can only give you hints or clues or point you in the right direction towards your wisdom. I can never give you an ABC step by step process to wisdom. If anyone ever tries, my gentle suggestion is to walk away.

Keep listening for a feeling. And don’t try and figure out what I mean by that! You will be walking along one day in a good mood and suddenly out of nowhere, you will shout, “AHAAAA! That’s what he meant.” You’ll see! Send me an email when it happens!

Wisdom is spiritual, it is before form. It’s a gift we are all given at birth. Once in a while, I hear myself chuckling with clients; I say “Look at it as a process of elimination–you will never find the path to wisdom with your intellect. So if know that, if you have tried that over years and years—at least you can finally give that up!”

Stay in a good feeling, keep quieting your thoughts—and then out of nowhere your wisdom will speak via an insight. Point yourself towards a nice feeling, “What would feel good to do right now? Hmmm. Let’s go rock out watching Rock Star Inxs!”

This little column came right out of watching a few videos—it’s that simple, brothers and sisters. Don’t make it complicated. Keep is simple! Go for the simple!

Did this little article, make you smile? That’s it! That’s what you’re looking for!

Keep smiling!

A Ho,

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