Sedona Retreat Stories

A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!

*Dedicated to S.H., a courageous warrior.

Family of Trees

Above the Healing Tree Vortex are a grove of a dozen fir trees that I call the Family of Trees. They are all light green with a fluorescent glow and very pristine in their shape, like bonsai trees. None of them are over 6 feet and some are as small as one foot. You can sense there connection to one another. These trees always feel very special to me. When I see them they immeadiaelty bring out the little boy in me. I start bouncing around them, excited, patting them, especailly one little tree that is perfectly round, like a globe. I kneel down and give him a gentle hug and tell him how good it is to see him! It feels so good to be in this little boy place inside me.
I had a chance to spend time with them a few days ago when I guided two wonderful women on a vortex experience. I guided one client into an opening in the center of the trees and asked the trees to help her move thru an emotional block she was experiencing. She could immediately feel their energy and was able to drop thru that feeling of numbness she often has.
In my experiences here in Sedona, I often come across places that feel powerful but their true purpose or meaning is not immediately revealed to me. This is the case with the Family of Trees. I know there is more to understand about them. But I never try and reach for it or try and figure it out. I have faith that their connection to me will reveal itself in time. Like people we come across, sometimes it takes time for them to trust or feel comfortable with us. The family of trees perhaps needs to feel my heart more and then they will open themselves in a deeper way to me. This has been my process here in Sedona. If I continue to honor them, they will honor me. Many sacred places have adopted me in my time here. I am truly honored and so grateful that I have no words to describe it.
So, to the Family of Trees I say, “I am standing before you, my new friends, I am standing before you. Thank you for touching my heart. A Ho”

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