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Established Men

This past month the vortex experience that stands out in my heart was with two established men. That was what initially struck me — they appeared very “established.” I learned they were both partners in a multi-generation business, starting with their fathers, grandfathers. The two men work together for over 30 years (wow!). Their respect for each other was tangible and something to admire.

The one I thought who would be more open wasn’t and the one who I thought would be a bit closed had a powerful experience that day! It always an honor for me to take executives out and introduce them to my special world of mysteries and power in the Sedona vortex.

A Powerful Father/Son Healing Experience

There was one moment in our shamanic journey that made me deeply grateful to do this work. The man who had the powerful experience had shared with me some issues he had with his father when he was a child—issues that might be still getting in his way. I know how hard it is for men to share, so I really wanted to support him on this. As we were heading back to the car, I got a signal from inside me to divert our direction to the right to a smaller trail. Suddenly, I “felt” something to my far right and behind me. I turned around and “saw” my client’s father come through the veil and walk towards us on a faint animal trail, weaving thru a half-dozen manazita bushes. I told my client what I was seeing and suggested where he might stand and wait for his father to approach. He went right along with my vision, total willingness to be open which I thought was awesome. I invited the rest of the group to step back and give him some private time.

After five minutes my client rejoined  us and I knew by his expression that something dramatic had happened.  I urged my other clients forward and hung back and asked him how it went. He said, “Greg, he came up to me and hugged me. I felt all this love come from him, I can still feel it, I still feel his arms around me. It was like all the stuff I had been hanging onto just disappeared in one moment. I feel so light.”

I say, “A Ho Old Ones, A Ho, thank you for this blessing.”

I hope you are still feeling it, brother. Even men who seem very conservative can “see” beyond their thinking and experience the magic. Thank you for your trust, my friends.

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys.

Blog Recommendation

Since writing this story so many years ago, Tim Ferriss’ Blog was born. I think this is the perfect place for these type of established men to go and connect with other business folks.  Tim does long-form interviews, really getting in the lives of powerful men.

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