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A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!

Dedicated To S.F.

Don’t Parachute into The Maze

“Don’t parachute into the maze” was a phrase I spoke in the middle of a reading with a client. I quickly wrote it down! I was referring to the maze of our thinking. We don’t want to jump out of the plane and into the maze of our thinking! No matter how pretty that maze looks from above. “Oh, look down there, isn’t this lovely, let’s parachute down there and see if we can find our way out, it will be a challenge!” But when you get inside of the maze, the perceptive changes—you can’t see! And then you think, “Maybe if I go down this row, I’ll find an opening—no, no let me go this way.” Sound familiar, brothers and sisters?
Jumping into the maze is usually ignited by a need to control or when we feel out of control. You’re up in that plane, thinking about jumping and of course you feel afraid, you’re out of your safety zone! The first place we go is our thinking. Have you ever seen a maze from above? It’s beautiful with its symmetry and high green walls. There’s something familiar about its complexity, its challenge.
Our thinking will always make something more complicated than it needs to be. If isn’t complicated or hard then it can’t be worth it. And we truly like making things complicated and hard! Look at it this way—is jumping into mazes, working? Are you truly happy? Or as the great Dr. Phil says, “If that’s working for you.” Aren’t you tired of hitting dead-ends?
Now, as you were sitting there with your parachute strapped on, looking down and waited a little while, you might have come across a beautiful meadow. This meadow is soft and welcoming and open with an incredible view on all sides. It’s an easy place to be. Now is the time to jump! You land amidst the flowers and butterflies. Something quiets in you. You notice how far you can see. You see there are many possibilities. You feel a deeper understanding for your life, friends and family. You might just meet God among the butterflies!
Keep jumping in meadows. Keep waiting for them to appear. I promise you they will. I think that’s why I like living amidst the red rocks of Sedona and the vortexes. There are many good places to prepare to jump! The vortex energy can help with creating the right environment inside us to see those meadows.
When you pass over another maze and you hear the jump master or ego say, “Ready, go.” Turn to him and say, “No more mazes for me, pal, I’m waiting for that beautiful meadow to appear. I have standing appointment with God. This time I’m keeping that appointment!”
A Ho, my friends.!”

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