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A column for individuals who have overcome cancer or a seriousness illness or who are currently patients.

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Ten years ago while doing the Journey Work I discovered the primary cellular memory that led to getting cancer. It was not what I thought it would be. It was all about my father. I had no problems with my Dad, we were friends. He left when I was two years old. He was an alcoholic but got sober many years before he passed (it was interesting that he had the same cancer I did). But who had a problem with my Dad was the two year old inside me. This surprised me because I am an expert in inner-child work and had done a lot of work around this area but this never came up.
The two year old was full of so much rage. When I got inside my emotional-body during the Journey Work, I could actually see the rage, it was like a giant mountain. My first thought was, no wonder I got sick and almost died. I spent three and half hours in this session trying to speak my two year old’s feelings towards his Dad. I can still hear myself yelling at my father in the two year old voice, “How could you leave me? What’s wrong with you?” And then over and over again, “You need to be punished!” My Dad’s higher self tried his best to explain.
Finally after hours I found a way to forgive him. In one moment, I remembered all the stories my Mom told me about my dad over the years. It was like all the dots connected suddenly. My father’s mom died when he was around eight and his grandparents raised him. They were very nice people but still it must have been hard for him. But there was one story my mother told me made the difference: When my dad was seventeen he used his older brother’s birth certificate to enlist in the marines during WWII. That’s why we always called him Bill instead of Walter which was his real name. He was in the South Pacific in some kind of special unit that tried to land on the beach first to set up radio. Thirty-two men went with him which I believe is platoon strength. Two men came back. How does a seventeen/eighteen year old lose thirty brothers? That person I can forgive. My mom said he got off the ship and he was drunk for twenty years until they were divorced.
That day I understood my father and why he did what he did at a deeper level and found forgiveness in my heart for him—the two year old in me found forgiveness. Three days later, the edema in my neck from the radiation was gone! The Journey’s author Brandon Bays had a tumor the size of a grapefruit and after resolving her cellular memory, the tumor was gone in 6 weeks!
When I got the cancer, I knew it was about a lack of forgiveness but I felt it was about something totally different and maybe that was part of it. It’s always multi-dimensional. We are both simple but complicated creatures.
I have no words to quantify how vitally important it is if you are cancer patient or survivor to do this deep cellular memory work. It’s a win-win, brothers and sisters. You have the courage and strength to do it. Go for it!
A Ho,

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