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During the holiday week, I had the honor to guide two angels disguised as humans on vortex experiences.  I kid you not! These were two separate experiences with two women. When I met them they were both glowing! And I could see the beautiful set of wings on their backs! I soon found out both these angels were about to embark on big international missions and they wanted more guidance—they wanted to go deeper. 

So, you are asking, “What does that mean, Greg, they were angels?”  I am not fluent in the goings-on of angels. There are many in my field that are and I will be asking them about this.  But this is the important point in these two experiences that I want to encourage you to absorb: I didn’t need to understand the dynamics of how an angel can come into a human body to accept that it was happening.  I just knew it and felt it and saw it clairvoyantly.  And most importantly both women knew exactly what I meant when I told them what I saw. One, just smiled deeply in acknowledgement and the other cried in gratitude that someone acknowledged what she always felt. 

The fact that they would both seek me out…my feeling of gratitude is overwhelming. And they showed up at the right moment! Because for the first time in many years, it was tough holiday for me. The sadness birds were flying around the house and I was having difficulty not paying attention to them. The beautiful spirit of both these women helped me a great deal. 

So, I offer a deep thank you and big hug to these two angels!  Come back to the Magic Kingdom some time!  I am honored to be of small service to both you.  A Ho 

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