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Allowing It To Be Easy

A theme that continues to come up on Sedona Retreats is the idea that you can allow the path to serenity to be easy. We all have a tendency to want to make it complicated. During a session with a client, I asked, “Could you allow how you discover what you are looking for to be easy?” She was struck by this simple question; it seemed to really penetrate her. It surprised me too. I thought this is the essence of what gets in the way of clients crossing from an intellectual spirituality to a knowing–they aren’t aware that there is a thought inside them that knows finding serenity is easy!
Let me write that again! There is a thought inside you that knows it’s simple! That’s what I call a “default thought”. How do you access postive default thoughts? How do you give them life? Two ways:one, have faith they are inside you;and two, quiet your negative thoughts—just allow them to float by and without you even trying—those powerful empowering default thoughts will rise up in you. They are the default and will lead to incredible beautiful feelings. Remember you will always have a thought before you have a feeling.
For me I had to be a student of history. All the enlightened people from the beginning of time consistently say two things: “Go within” and “It was much simpler that I thought.” So, if they continue to say the same thing, maybe there is to something to it!  For me this created faith. Or it sparked me to take a leap of faith and experiment.
Here is the trick: You can’t understand or receive “simple” thru the personal mind! The mind will automatically reject simple! It’s only programmed for complicated. But if you learn to listen thru your heart, to listen for a feeling, you will be able to receive “simple”.  I bet you’re asking, “What does that mean, listen for a feeling?” Have you been in a bad mood and a little child smiles at you and you suddenly feel better? What got communicated in that moment was a feeling, a feeling of love. It raised your level of consciousness and you suddenly saw your bad mood for what it is.
Stop trying to figure out how to get enlightened thru your head! One thing you can conclude, like I did, is that this process hasn’t seemed to work!  So let’s try something else! When you quiet your thoughts you naturally listen deeply or listen for a feeling. That’s why I am always going on about listening!  I truly believe it’s the key to enlightenment. That kind of listening will open the door to moments of touching your own wisdom.
When I am in the office with clients, I sometimes ask, “What feeling do you see me projecting right now?” They will reply, “Excitement, hope, humor, enjoyment…”  Then I tell them, that’s what you want to listen for!  That will open the door to an insight. They reply,” But, Greg that doesn’t make sense!!!”  I say, “I know because you are trying to figure it out what I just said with your head!”
Brothers and sisters, there are powerful positive thoughts inside you—you don’t have to go out and find them, you don’t have to try and think positively. They are already there waiting for you to give them life—that’s the great and awesome gift you received—the gift of free will and choice.  Believe in that healthy part of you—have faith in it!  Use it! You can do it!
A Ho,

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