Sedona Vortex Stories

A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences!

All Faiths

I took out a larger group of clients and one them was member of the Mormon Church.  For some reason I kept a close eye on him thru our journey.  I saw that he was really feeling the place!  As night was descending, we headed back to the car, my attention was pulled to small knoll 100 feet to the right, a beautiful little juniper tree stood in the center.  I looked closely and saw a man standing in front of the tree. It came to me right away that is was the Prophet Joseph, an important figure in the Mormon Church.  I asked my guides and they confirmed it and then I related it to my client and escorted him over in front of Joseph and stepped back.  My client went right with it!  When he finished speaking or praying to Joseph, a big gust of wind came up, blowing around the both of us.  A wave of peace washed over me.  I felt so grateful to be privileged to see these visions and be able to share them with people.
A Ho, Old Ones

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