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A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!


I have seven vortexes that are unknown to the public that I take people too. I don’t go to the vortexes listed in all the guide books. I don’t feel the energy in those places is really that strong. I really consider these vortexes I guide clients to as sacred places. You can read more about this in “What is a Vortex Experience”. When I am speaking to people on the phone, sometimes I will hear myself say “my vortexes” or “the vortexes I have found”—some part of me feels that’s not exactly accurate. These vortexes found me! It’s like they have adopted me! Each and every time, I was pulled to these places by a tangible force or energy. But in that process there are two choices I make: first, I am open to listening for the call from them; two, I was willing to follow it. These are two very important elements that create an opportunity to be open to spirit and also let it guide you. Listening and Willingness.
In regard to this, I have been having a few deeper insights about listening this past week. Many clients (if not all!) want to know how to stop thinking, to let go of thoughts that get them into a bad place. My answer is to listen in a different way that you ever have, listen for a feeling. What kind of feeling? A nice feeling, a gentle feeling, a soft feeling, a feeling of love. These feeling are like little boats that will take you to a sight from with in or an insight. And when you hear a feeling you will have a deeper understanding and that understanding will naturally lead to action.
If you are caught up in negative thinking you don’t want to try and stop it! Or try and think positively! You are turning it into another doing! By taking action directly you are in effect saying those thoughts are real. I want to encourage you to understand thru listening how thought works instead of trying to stop thinking. I know this sounds backwards! But that understanding will lead to knowing how to let go of thought. That understanding will give you common sense to know what thoughts get you in trouble and then you feel them pop in—you will say, “No, No, I know where that thought is going” and then you just release it—its natural releasing as opposed to a forced one. Understanding or “your understanding” will teach you in a natural way how to let go of thought or not take negative thoughts seriously.
So, on any given day when I am out hiking, I might feel a sudden pull to go in a specific direction. It’s a feeling. My spirit is tuned to hearing it or I am in a place of vulnerability. A warrior is always vulnerable. He or she is vulnerable but detached at the same time—meaning they don’t take anything personal. Vulnerability gives you the ability to receive and to listen in a deeper way. Then when I get that “feeling” or pull, I follow it. I am willing to let go and let it guide me. I am really describing—instinct! When I follow my instinct, I am led to a magical place.
You get my drift, brothers and sisters! The process of discovery of these vortexes is in essence how to walk thru life! First listen for a feeling then be willing to follow it. And to quote my book, “Don’t try and figure out what I am saying!” Listening and willingness will keep you on your path of spirit. And if you are lucky you might be adopted by a magical place or maybe you will adopt yourself!
A Ho, my friends

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