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Last week on a vortex experience I said something that penetrated deeply thru me and my clients: “There is nothing more powerful than an acknowledged human being.” Wow!  I am still trying to absorb that awesome statement.  Of course, this was coming from the Old Ones so I take no credit for it.  Then later on that day, a second statement:  “There is nothing more beautiful than an acknowledged woman.”  I felt so grateful to be able to communicate those words.

The lack of acknowledgement in partnerships in my work is an issue that comes up frequently. Eighty percent or more of my clients are women.  A majority of those are between the ages of 40 and 55. It is truly my honor to work with so many women.  But sadly many of them are in relationships where they don’t feel acknowledged or appreciated. And what’s important to remember, my brothers, is they don’t feel acknowledged. Start by acknowledging that!  Get what I am saying?  Sorry if I am little tough on you guys!

I certainly wish more men would be open to spiritual growth. When the men, husbands and boyfriends do come—I think it’s fantastic and I applaud them.

What are the components of acknowledging your partner? First and foremost, listening to them at a very deep level. Listening without giving them a solution or trying to fix them. Listening to them without thinking, waiting for your turn to speak, etc..!  I joke with the husbands and tell them if they listen to their wife without giving them a solution, they will have the best sex they have ever had!  Or in some cases, they will start to have sex again!

And men need to be listened to just as much. That would be my advice to women: listen to your mate the way you want to be listened too—their feelings are their feelings—do your best not to make them wrong.

Acknowledgment can sometimes just be something so small that you don’t think it’s necessary to make note of it. For example:  “Sweetie, I really loved the way you helped those people.”

Perhaps it’s a matter of focusing on what you love about your partner as opposed to what drives you crazy. Another theme in my work with couples–what are they focusing on?  Usually if they are having problems, they are focusing on what they perceive is not working—emphasis on the word perceive!

In Masuro Emoto’s work he sites the experiment that group of Japanese families did by placing three jars of rice and water by their front door.  Each morning and night they would say “I love you” to the first jar, “You fool” to the second jar, and the third jar they ignored completely!  After a week, the first jar started to ferment and grow, the second jar started to turn black and the third jar that they had ignored was totally dead!  Think about it. That’s how important acknowledgement is.

Of course, it’s everyone’s choice to be in a relationship where that is happening.

Ask these questions: If for one moment I could put all my negative inner conversations aside, what haven’t I appreciated or acknowledged about my partner lately.  See when you take your focus off the negative, what’s usually standing brightly is what you love about your partner—it’s just clouded over by negative judgmental thoughts.

Then tell them!  “Sweetie, I love the way……”

I am not much on promises but if you truly acknowledge your mate, I promise you, you will experience amazing changes in them!  Wouldn’t you shift if someone deeply acknowledged who you are?

And then comes, acknowledging yourself!  I will leave this to another column!  In fact, I plan on writing several columns on this theme—there’s a lot to talk about!

So on this day in the Magic Kingdom, I offer my deep thanks to the Old Ones, for communicating these powerful statements.  A Ho, Old Ones.  I am standing before you, my heart is full. A Ho


Greg the guide.

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