Sedona Vortex Stories

A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences.

A Special Family  

Many sedona vortex experiences stand out to me but my time with a mother, her 18 year old daughter, and 14 year old twins (boy and girl) touched me deeply. 

These kids amazed me with their openness and willingness to venture into my special world.  They instantly explored shamanic journeying, engaging the inner-child and connecting with their animal totem and so much more!  Even as write this I am still blown away by their openness.  Please send me more young warriors like this!  I lost count of how many times the four of them hugged each other.  It was so beautiful and inspiring to watch. 

Their mother was a very special woman with so much love in heart.  That love was evident in the sacred manner these unique young adults conducted themselves.  I was honored to receive a wonderful testimonial from the mother.  I invite you to read it. 

I want to thank this inspiring family for trusting me and letting me into their special world for a brief moment.  I was truly honored.  A Ho.

PS.  To my apprentice:Keep seeing!  And to her brother, the young warrior—you are brave and strong—don’t ever forget! 

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