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Gregory Drambour
Gregory Drambour

“Greg, I can’t feel any peace until this thing is over.”

Remember, brothers and sisters, even now during this crisis, the world is still working from the Inside/Out. What does that mean? Simply, in this case that our thoughts create how we are “feeling about” and “experiencing” the Corona Virus. I encourage you to not let the enormity of what’s happening convince you that “should be” in fear or worry or stress. You get to use your creative power of thought to see this crisis without fear. Step back from the fear and let your Spiritual Intelligence manage you back to a feeling of calm. It’s an Intelligence System — it “knows” how to reset you — let it. It only makes sense to stay hopeful and optimistic. Hope this is helpful, my friends. A Ho.

Gregory Drambour is the author of three books on real-world, practical shamanism and the medicine path: The Shaman & His Daughter, The Woodstock Bridge and The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf.

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