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Glossary Of Terms

Vortex Experience - An engagement of the Sacred Earth in a Sacred Manner. For a broader definition, please click here.

Vortex - A spot where a concentrated source of energy is flowing from. For examples of vortexes please click here.

Shamanism - There are many definitions of Shamanism. For me, it is simply opening to nature and our relatives of the animal world to heal and empower.

Spiritual Guides - We all have guides that watch over and help us through life.

Clairvoyance - Psychic abilities through the sense of seeing

Clairaudience - Psychic abilities through the sense of hearing.

Clairsentience - Psychic abilities through the sense of feeling.

Animal Totems - Everyone has an animal that they are in kinship with that lives in the dream-weave. If we welcome them and invite them they can guide us and support us in life.

Dreamweave - Native word for parallel reality

Medical Intuitive - An Individual who can possibly discern what illness a person has thru intuitive gifts

The Three Principles - Refers to Mind, Thought and Consciousness created by Syd Banks, noted philosopher. Syd asserts that all life is created from these three principles.

Health Realization - A form of empowerment that guides people back to their innate mental health. For a broader description, please click here.

Tree People, Rock People, Plant People - Refers to the Native philosophy that everything is alive.

Inner Child - Refers to the child within us. A Child that perhaps is still feeling hurt. As an adult we might have brought acceptance to our childhood but the child within needs to have a voice and be healed too. Please see this story I wrote to describe this idea: Compassion for Self

Shamanic Healer - A healer that use native american or indigenous philosophies to approach healing. For example acting in partnership with the earth, trees plants and rocks to guide people to healing. These elements can give you specific guidance on how to heal people. Many of the stories in my column describe such moments