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Finding Your Purpose – Conversation With A Client

Finding Your PurposeGreg: Finding your purpose doesn’t have to be hard, brother.
Client: I know there is something bigger I’m suppose to do with my life, I just can’t figure it out. I want to have a meaningful life, a life with purpose.
Greg: Do you know what everyone who felt that and then figured out their purpose in life have in common?
Client: (client shakes head).
Greg: They stopped at some point being frustrated about not having a sense of purpose!  And more importantly they stopped judging themselves. Because it blocks the spiritual whispers that are trying to point you towards your mission.
Client: How do you get motivated? Then what do you do?
Greg: I tell you something funny – very few clients ask me that question. They go into a very innocent explanation of their story, instead of asking questions. So you are already doing something.
Client: Really?

Finding Your Purpose with the Code of the Spiritual Warrior

Greg: Warriors are dedicated to asking questions. This is the code. Wisdom will give you guidance when you ask questions. Believe that! Pay attention and act on what it suggests. This tells Spirit you are listening and ready for more instructions.
Client: I figured once I left high school, I would know what my purpose would be.
Greg: That’s a false idea perpetuated by Social Media — everybody looks like they figured it out! And then we compare ourselves and feel like shit — really getting out of our mental health.
Client: Sounds like me. (smiling)
Greg: Study GaryVee on Instagram, he posts a lot about this subject — can 9 million followers be wrong!
Client: I will check him out.
Greg: Remember this: You are hard-wired to do something — everyone is. The mission is waiting inside you to reveal itself.  Your end of that partnership is the believe what I just said and don’t get down on yourself.  Then suddenly your wisdom will point the way and the next step is act on it!

Finding Your Purpose is a Mission Of Subtraction

What I tell clients on spiritual retreats is that a lot of the times it’s a mission of subtraction. In Toltec shamanism, we call that a “non-doing.” What does this mean? In this case, it’s having “an opinion” about yourself that getting in the way of the guidance you are wanting or the direction or greater purpose for your life.

Stop judging yourself!  It creates SPACE for directions to flow up from your Spirit/Wisdom. Let go of your personal assessment about yourself. Try this:

Spirit/Universe/God, I give over to you this judgment of myself, please take it from me, I’m ready for you to receive it.

That’s a powerful 2000 year old of praying. You can’t go wrong with going Old School! See this link for  prayers and invocations. This invocation initiates a partnership with the Creator. Divinity want you to ask for help!

Finding Your Purpose Means Getting Uncomfortable

There is an old adage: “You come a little way, God will come the rest of the way!  But the Greg-version of this is — a little way has to be out of your comfort zone.” Which could mean get out of your head and start to do something!

Another Client Conversation: Purpose Finds You

Client: I want to find my purpose?
Greg:  What I have discovered is usually your purpose finds you.
Client: Really? How does that happen?
Greg: You have to ask yourself if your “visible” enough for it to see you. And the first step is to see how you’re “not” visible.
Client: You mean like hiding or negative thinking?
Greg: Exactly. Or are there actions you can take that create an opening but you hold back on taking them because of fear or thinking.
Client: Then my purpose can’t locate me…
Greg: You have to get out on the field and get visible! “I am here!”  I’m not Christian but what I did was “The Prayer of Jabez” by Dr. Bruce Wilkson.  It’s a small prayer in the bible that goes like this:

“Oh Lord, that you would bless me, that you would enlarge my territory, that your hand would guide me, that you would keep my from evil so that shall do no harm.”

You do that prayer once a day, something is going to show up! It did for me.
Client: Wow. I like it. I will give it a try.
Greg: Check out the short video I did about my Jabez experience on Instagram.  I will send you a link.
Client: Cool.

Are You Invisible To Your Purpose?

Finding your purpose is a mission that comes up quite up a lot on retreat. And what occurred to me over the years and even in my own journey is “your purpose finds you.” If it’s not finding you then you have to ask yourself what you’re doing not to get visible.

How do you get visible? Bottom-line: Take action! Any action! But that’s not posting in your social media! Get out on the street and do something that’s feels uncomfortable. Getting uncomfortable equals getting visible!

When You Find Your Prupose A Muse Will Land On The Roof!

In the “Afterwards” in my new book, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf, I describe how taking action caused the Creative Muse to land on my roof. Like a wild fire it ignited the writing of the book.

You might say, “But, Greg I don’t know what those actions are.” First place to look is whatever you are resisting, whatever you don’t want to do, whatever you are procrastinating about! Now, lets say you’re not resisting, then the next step is the Invitation To Divinity which you can get online or come work with me on retreat.

Sounds like this, “I invite my Divinity to offer me some guidance about what I need to do to find my purpose.” Then the next step is to be in Faith.  The guidance will show up. It has to, those are the rules!

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys and the author of three books on practical spirituality: The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman & His Daughter, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf.