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Scott, San Diego, CA

Hi Greg,
Life is great…Since our vortex experience both Rhonda and I have not stop glowing. I’ve experienced several changes. The following two in particular have been very profound.
I. I’ve been able to actually sleep throughout the night, something I have not done for years, maybe never. I now know what the meaning “peaceful” nights rest means.
2. I’m experiencing amazing visualization skills. I’m able to visualize projects, designs, etc. from concept to completion with great detail. It’s like looking into the future, allowing me to see the pros and cons of the situation before I start. It’s been instrumental in helping me avoid some bad energy, people and business. Clearing the path to better things. Rhonda and I look forward to working with you on future experiences.
Thank you again,

Tim & Karen, Big Bear, CA

Ideas Galore!
Hi Greg,
I have been feeling a continual “shedding” since our “encounter”. Something (negativity, blockages, and resistance) has been flowing off me like sweat, since we “vortexed”. The feeling is really tactile. So strong, I can’t escape it. Will it stop? Do I want it to?
The other thing that has been happening is that I have been having “Art Furniture” Ideas galore. Every bare tree, every mountain silhouette, landscape, has been an inspiration. I snapped lots of pictures as we drove home, to lock in the inspirations. You really knocked something lose. I know we will continue our relationship. Both professional and personal. (“already done already accomplished!!!”)
I know you sensed Karen’s need for attention. Please don’t think I, at any point, felt left out. I think you helped her immensely. Her head is always so full of analysis that she has no room for her (incredible) right brain to exert itself. I got into her head once and immediately felt nauseous. Spinning, spinning…. I need order and focus. She is like a mind map. Everywhere at once. Whew!! But I think you really got through to her. She knows she has to simplify her thinking. Get to the root.

John and Irene B. (Greenville, SC)

Meeting the Inner Bear!
Hi Greg,
Irene and I want to thank you for an amazing experience, truly a sacred journey last Monday. Your work was wonderful and will stay with us from here on as we continue expanding our awareness and sensitivity.
Putting it all into words is just not possible yet. We did not want to wait any longer to send this heart felt thank you for your loving assistance on our journey.
Irene: I was going to say that I haven’t been the same since…but that isn’t quite accurate…see I just can’t find the appropriate way to describe it. All that I feel, sense, and see is so deep within that I can only be with it all and share. Thank you…thank you…thank you.
The bear I met on the journey…an adolescent sweet bear…who is me…the adolescent who needs love and nurturing.
Thanks again for a life enriching experience and memory.
Be well,

Christina and David Ward

An Amazing Spot!
Dear Greg,
David and I are writing this together to thank you for what has turned out to be a life changing experience for both of us in Sedona last week. What we both experienced on will always give us a point to return to whenever life starts getting the better of us. Your patience and insight allowed us to do the work we needed to do and your recommendations have provided a starting point for both of us to begin, in David’s case, and to renew in mine, our Journeys.
Since I’ve been back home, I’ve almost completed my web site ( and am moving forward quickly in my own healing work having left my frustrations and, yes, some anger, behind. I asked the Universe to transform it into the Red Rocks and turn it into healing energy for others. It literally vanished …truly an amazing spot in this world and I understand why you have chosen to be there.
Thank you again my brother and much love and blessings.
A ho,

Debby and Mark, N. H

Letting Go of the Movie
Dear Greg,
I must say that our time with you was quite a wondrous and transformative time. Both Mark and I are feeling a greater sense of safety with one another. And….yes, thanks for getting tough with me. As I told you, I got a sense prior to the session I was going to get called down on some things. You have a nice mixture of gentleness and empathy, as well as directness and maintaining the point in the moment.
I know that I got a great deal from the time we spent with you. I haven’t reviewed any of our notes yet as I wanted to allow what I received in the moment to sink in w/out my brain getting in the way. I will look over all the health info Mark wrote down. I am feeling a sense of reopening to trying different avenues in overcoming the lupus.
I plan on starting the book we got from you on the pain ride home.
A couple of things struck me after the session. At the time, I didn’t relate at all to the “fairy tale or movie” view of romance you were suggesting as I never bought into any of it even as a child. Interesting thing is that several months ago I had a memory of the last life Mark and I had together AND the personality that I had in that life time most certainly had that about her. I realized that your comment was to help the aspect of the woman I was in the other lifetime that wanted healing…totally cool. I loved it when I got it.
Many, many thanks,

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