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Gregory Drambour

Code of The Spiritual Warrior – “No Gap” – Taking Action Right Away

“No Gap” basically means taking action as soon as you’re inspired by a new idea or spiritual whisper. Being in resistance to taking action on what “we know what we need to do” is one of top three issues that clients come with on retreats. Warriors are dedicated to having “no gap” between the spiritual whisper that is flowing up and taking action on it. When you get into the habit of doing this, amazing things start to happen in your life. When you tell Spirit you are paying attention with action, it sends more ideas, more inspiration! It’s like opening the valve. Writers will tell you this: the more you write, the more cool stuff comes through. Get dedicated to “No Gap,” brothers and sisters — honor your Spirit by acting on it’s messages.

Client: I really want to create a healing center.
Greg: Wonderful! The world definitely needs more of them.
Client: Nobody in my life supports me about this. They think it’s woo-woo, you know?
Greg: So you feel alone and judged?
Client: Yes, they all think I’m a little weird anyway.
Greg: (being quiet). Something just occurred to me. Let’s imagine it’s 10 years from now and someone asks you,“What happened to that healing center idea?”
Client: Okay (client eyes are starting to fill).
Greg: You can’t really tell them the truth, right? That you didn’t do it because you were afraid of being judged. And maybe over the years, you yourself figured out a way to avoid the truth and created another reason why you didn’t do it? And let’s imagine that person who asked you is your 21 year old daughter.
Client: Oh, shit.
Greg: Should we starting making a plan to create this healing center? (smiling)

No parent wants to model to their children not following their dream because of fear of judgment. According to the current research, the number one way children learn is they inherit their parent’s inner-emotional life. The higher-level parenting, the long-term parenting is really taking that research and running with it. It’s asking what is my inner-emotional life teaching my children? I always tells parents who up are for these big questions, “If you want to find out what to work on for yourself, study your children.” They will give you clues to your own behavior. This is not easy but it’s the Warrior level and many brave parents I work with it, are up for it.

Then on the other side of the guidance is to know at a deeper level that when people judge you, it’s happening because of the relationship they are having with their own thinking. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! Now, most folks who are reading this know that. But can you translate that knowing into telling everyone to mind their own business and you are going to do what’s in your heart and Spirit? And that you are not teaching your children to give into fear of people’s judgments.

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