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Gregory Drambour

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Is change hard? Not with support. Without support, it can be very difficult. Some people have great difficulty is asking for help and that in itself is this aspect they need to change! You are always and forever one thought away from change!

You Have the Courage to Address What Blocks You

If there was one rule about our life I could change, it would be that as humans we have a default setting that activates every month and schedules an appointment with a counselor, therapist, coach, or mentor. Please don’t take this as a sales pitch to come work with me! Go see anyone! Having the intention to address blocks in your life is very powerful. Maybe your intention is to get some continuing education on living in a deeper feeling of wisdom or to retain someone who can offer us another perspective on your life

Can You Make a First Step to Change

I truly believe that if you come just a little way, the Creator will come the rest of the way. This simple idea is confirmed in many sacred texts.  I encourage clients to come a little way consistently throughout their life. Does this mean to get on the personal growth treadmill? No! You want to watch out for that. Just keeping checking with someone you feel empowered by, who can really see you and know what blocks you from change.

Be Patient in Finding the Right Counselor

I have worked with many clients who have sought support but when it doesn’t achieve the results, they want they give up –“Oh, I tried counseling, that didn’t help”. There are different kinds of counselors, healers, and coaches and maybe you need to find the right fit. One person might have a great experience with one coach/therapist and then another has a bad experience with the same coach. Just be patient and keep trying. With effort and persistence, the right one will appear. Again, you are trying, and this intention will pay off and the change you want will happen.

What Is Your One “Unique” Healing Doorway to Change

In my work with clients, I intuit what will exactly be the best and most impactful way to work with someone – what is the one unique “healing doorway” I can guide them through. What works for one client might not be the best approach with another. For example: I might sense one client needs to do some inner-child work but then another needs to simply raise their mood to see their life differently.

You Can Change

Getting support is a win-win and if you resist it I encourage you to ask why. I suggest you think of it as continuing education. You have not failed by seeking support, you’re not weak by seeking support! You will not look bad to your friends by seeking support. Everyone needs support. Even me! I speak to someone every few months — it keeps me on track. There are many hands reaching out to you—take one, my friend. That person may be able to guide you to a life of victory!

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys and the author of three books on practical spirituality. For me more information please contact us.


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