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Cancer Support Community

For the Cancer Support Community I like to offer two videos for your journey.  These are videos that were born from with leading cancer support retreats for the last 18 years here in Sedona.

The Petition To Divinity Video

A simple way to translate your belief in the mind-body connection into action! This is from the Ho’oponopono work.

Remember the core of this teaching is to allow Divinity (Source, Spirit, Universe, God, The Oneness, etc) to discern what are the “bits of information” that are contributing to the illness or imbalance. You don’t have to identify them!


The Petition

I petition my Divinity (Source, Spirit, Universe, God, The Oneness, etc) with all my heart and humbly to please transmute easily and effortlessly any and all programs, memories, thoughts, and imprints that I am holding onto that are showing up as this illness (insert the specific illness/imbalance) into the light!

You are saying these next lines to Divinity (Source, Spirit, Universe, God, The Oneness, etc):

I apologize for holding onto these thoughts, programs, memories, imprints.

Please forgive me.

I am so sorry.

Thank you for helping me.

I love you very much.

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