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Shamanic Training Program
Gregory Drambour

    Shamanic Training Program - Online Or Here In Sedona!

    Gregory Drambour - Master Shamanic Healer

    Gregory Drambour

    Master Shamanic Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Author of definitive book on shamanism, The Woodstock Bridge.
    Shamanic Vortex Stories

    The Shaman & His Daughter


    67 "5 Star" Amazon Reviews!

    The Shamanic Training Program will develop and strengthen your personal power and give you a deep knowledge of old school shamanism. The Online course is separated into 12 Training Tutorials with customized assignments supported by 40 Companion Videos. These 12 Shamanic Tutorials will take you into a deep partnership with Mother Earth, your animal totems and shamanic journeys. Or you can come for One-On-One training here in Sedona covering the same areas as the Online training. If you are a healer or have healing gifts the program will show you how to honor those gifts and bring them out fully. You will learn the Old Ways: "If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho."

    Shamanic Online Training Program Information

    panther totem

    You will learn Shamanism in the Old Way without the trappings of techniques and new age rituals. It's about "seeing" with your heart!

    Online Training Program Information - 6 Month Membership

    • 12 Shamanic Training Tutorials leading you step-by-step through this powerful personal training. Each group of lessons has multiple customized assignments with 50 Support Instructional Videos.

    • Includes a 30 minute Phone Consult with Gregory to go over your progress and to get specific feedback from Greg.

    • Inspirational emails in your inbox every week which are custom designed to keep you focused and encourage you to believe in your gifts and grow confident—so important!

    • On your Personal Membership Page, you can post reports, questions, or comments about your journey. You will also get to see other members reports of their experience with an assignment. We have found this to be really inspiring!

    • Access to Live Teleseminars offered in the Spiritual Warrior Program

    The Lesson Groups will cover the following areas:

    • Develop or strengthen your "shamanic seeing" ability.
    • How to find and develop a bond with your Animal Totems! (*3 Groups Dedicated to this!)
    • How to develop your personal healing gifts!
    • Develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to a powerful level.
    • Learn how to partner and talk with the Plant, Tree and Rock People.
    • Develop relationships with your Spirit Guides
    • Learn how to integrate Inner-Child Work into shamanism (*To my knowledge, I am the only one teaching this)
    • How to find your own unique shamanism.
    • Learn how to travel on shamanic journeys.
    • How to integrate shamanism into your daily life and bring about deeper healing to yourself. .
    • How to find veils between the worlds and what to do with them.
    • How to work with and see energy outside.
    • How to identify omens and how to follow them.
    • Learn how to be open and present in the world. How to really hear the world.
    • Learn how to access your own wisdom and find any answer you seek in partnership with nature for yourself or clients.
    • Creating more balance and harmony in your life.
    • And so much more!

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    For further information and fees, please email me or call: (928) 274 2427 MT.

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    Shamanic Training Program On Site In Sedona

    *Note: You don't have to do the online training to do the training in Sedona

    Two Options:

    Option 1: One-On-One Training With Gregory Drambour.

    • (3) 2 Hour Training/.Vortex Experiences
    • 3 Hours Individual Office Session.
    • *Note: Can be customized to budget and schedule. Some clients come a few times a year for training so it doesn't have to be all in one trip!

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    Program Testimonial
    shamanic training memberDear Greg, I had been looking for a shamanic training program for well over a year. After spending an afternoon with Greg in Sedona on a vortex experience I realized Greg embodied that very special and unique type of shamanism I had been searching for. And I was thrilled to learn that Greg offered a Shamanic Training Program! Greg’s vision is to offer a very unique Shamanic Training Program designed to allow an individual to discover the unique shamanism within them, the true shaman within. Greg guided me on a spiritual journey and through interaction with nature I was able to embrace a level of confidence and spiritual knowingness about myself and the natural world beyond my expectations. Through his teaching and guidance along with the use of beautiful videos, weekly assignments and phone consultations, Greg led me to discover and unveil my own true nature of shamanism and healing gifts. The balance and harmony I’ve learned as a result of this program will stay with me for a life time One of the approaches I like best about Greg’s Shamanic Training Program is that it includes teachings and connection with Native American traditions like totem animals without the common rituals often associated with or offered by most shamanic training programs. Participating in Greg’s Shamanic Training Program is one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. I would highly recommend Sedona Sacred Journeys Shamanic Training Program for any and all who are interested in finding their own true and unique shamanic path. Thank you Greg for guiding and allowing me to reveal that very special Spirit I always knew was within me. A Ho,

    Debbie C. Rosemount, MN

    Program Testimonial
    how to become a shamanI am so grateful to have found Greg and his Shamanic Training Program. When I first contacted Greg about this program he E- mailed me back very  quickly and suggested that we speak on the phone. He said in his e-mail that if he were me,  he would want to talk,  to make sure it was a good fit for both of us. I so appreciated that and called him up. Almost immediately after talking with him I heard a voice tell me this is for you. What I appreciate the most about Greg and his way of teaching is that he gives you suggestions about the assignments, yet allows , encourages you, to find your own way , to learn to listen to your own wisdom.  I am Blessed to call him my Shamanic Teacher and Guide.

    Thank You Greg. Namaste,


    Please Read The Testimonials!

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