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"The Elephant!"




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Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred Journeys 

A column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Vortex Experiences!


The Elephant!

I had the pleasure to guide a very gifted chiropractor to The Vortex Circles, a new sedona vortex I discovered.  As we crossed over a flat red rock plateau, something inside me said—“turn around!” I looked behind me and fifty feet in front of me I saw the air go hazy and vertical slit appear. Suddenly, an elephant walked out of the slit!  I have seen many animal totems appear but never quite this way—it was if I saw the elephant come thru the veil between the worlds. I knew this was important event for my client and told him so.  It was something about the mood of the elephant—his expression was filled with a deep kindness. I remember I just kept shaking my head in awe.  To see this giant formidable creature reflecting humility and love—wow! 

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