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The  Day Of The Cougar

A few months ago, it was my honor to guide a very gifted writer to the Healing Tree Vortex.  As we headed down the trail, I felt something behind me.  I turned around and saw a little cougar sitting about 30 feet away (clairvoyantly).  I thought I  would keep walking and see what she did.  I felt her following us and so I stopped and let her catch up!  I told my client what I was seeing and she was very open to these kind of happenings.  The cougar stopped very close to us and sat back on her haunches and looked up at us and cocked her head.  She had this beautiful vulnerability about her, her face was full of innocence.  She seemed very present.  I greeted her and invited her to join our journey. She followed right along with this!  It was really amazing. 

As we got deeper into the journey I noticed she edged closer to my client, brushing up against her once in a while. I asked the client is she felt and saw the cougar--"Oh yes!" What came up that day for this wonderful client was taking a closer look at some inner child issues. She had forgotten that special little girl that existed inside her.

We stopped at the Place of The Fairy People, which is just short of the Healing Tree. This is a very special place that always brings instant joy to my heart. There are dozens of little fairies that live under a Grandmother Juniper Tree. The Fairy People immediately tried to make friends with my client.  I felt her resisting it and got a clairvoyant-hit that she should shape shift into her little girl. Well, what followed was an enormous breakthrough. You can read about it in her testimonial . I was truly honored to be there to witness it. As we were getting ready to leave, my client turned to me said, "Where's the cougar?".

Something suddenly dawned on me!  I responded, "The cougar was your little girl!" Emotion overwhelmed me and I felt the tears trying to come. Once again, I was so deeply grateful to do this work. The little girl inside my client knew she was resistant to connect with her, to let her live again. So she shape-shifted into a cougar so she could get close to her adult-self. So she could get her adult-self use to her child-like innocence and openness.

A Ho, Old One, A Ho.  Thank you, thank you.

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