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Ringing Cedar Series
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When I came across the Ringing Cedars Series, my first thought was, "I am doing that here in the Magic Kingdom (Sedona)!

The Ringing Cedars Series are a group of eight books that talk passionately about the importance of connecting to and honoring nature.

Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred Journeys 
Gregory Drambour 
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Experience the Ringing Cedars Principles!

My philosophy in guiding clients has always been simple--"if you honor nature, it will honor you." And sometimes nature honors us by surging up energy to heal us--some people want to call that a vortex here in Sedona--that's okay!

It's been my privilege for many years to guide clients on journeys in nature that reflect the powerful principles the enlightened siberian woman, Anastasia describes in the Ringing Cedar books. Please see the following Sedona Vortex Experiences:

For more information or to book a Sedona Vortex Journey, please call: (928) 274 2427 MT 9-7 or email.

You will find many stories in my archives that I believe resonate with the powerful principles expressed in the Ringing Cedar Series. Here are a few links:

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Thank you, Anastasia! A Ho.