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"There is a life-changing information in this package!"--Gregory Drambour

All Teleseminars are one hour in length and can be listened to online or downloaded to your PC or Ipod or burned onto a CD.

$75 for the all Twelve

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The Twelve Teleseminars

How To Release Anger

1. Mavis Karn Teleseminar, M.A., L.S.W. She is considering by many in the personal growth field, the best-of- the-best therapists in the USA. Amazing, graceful insightful talk about your connection to your own wisdom and its power to heal you and release anger. All my Spiritual Warrior Members raved about this one!

Taking Your Parenting To A Higher Level

2. Ami Mills Teleseminar. She is the Executive Director of The Center for Sustainable Change and specializes in parenting and training educators. Ami talks about how to parent children from one's wisdom and secrets to raising loving kids. She is considers one of the top parenting therapists in the country and author of "The Spark Inside."

Learning To See The World From The Inside/Out
& Dealing With Fear

3 & 4. Dr. Jack Pransky Teleseminar. Jack has written six books and in my mind, the brightest writers out there on the theme of how our "thoughts create our reality." My final suggestion to all clients on retreats: "find counselers, therapists who are talking about the power of your thoughts!" Jack is the guy that teaches those therapists!

How Do I Become A Leader

5. Skip Lackey Teleseminar: Theme: Leadership. Skip is the President of the North American Division of "The Journey," a powerful deep cellular memory process developed by Brandon Bays. Skip speaks all around the country on releasing the leader within and the steps to take to find that powerful motivator inside.

The Art of Transformation

5. Joe Bailey Teleseminar: Joe is a best-selling writer and a leader in the personal growth field and a friend of 30 years. When Joe speaks, I listen very deeply. In this talk, he chats about his new book on the elements of transformation and how it happens and how you can create more of it in your life!

How Can We Use What's Inevitable To Help Us
Knowing Deeply That Your Thoughts and Feeling are Laminated Together Could Change Your Life


6 & 7. Dr. Dicken Bettinger Teleseminar: Dicken is a leader in the "Three Principles" Approach inspired by Syd Banks. This teleseminar is mind-blowing!  It is my personal feeling that Dicken is one of the most enlightened guys walking around! I personally got a big breakthrough around the power of accepting what's inevitable--my life has flowed into a deeper richer place as a result.

How To Heal Ourselves of Cellular Memories

8. Siobhan Danreis Teleseminar: Siobhan is a veteran "Journey Practitioner" and my old healing partner here in Sedona. I consider her the very best when it comes to understanding the mind body connection. This was another favorite of the Spiritual Warrior Membership. Siobhan offers some real clues about healing those deep traumas.

How To Get Unstuck!

9. Win Sheffield Teleseminar:  Win is world-class coach and has many powerful messages around getting unstuck!

How Do I Connect Into My Wisdom?

10. Dr. Roger Mills Teleseminar: The mother-ship of teleseminars!  This was recorded only two months before Roger’s passing.  I am deeply honored to have been part of his talk. If you want to learn about how to connect into your wisdom, listen to this one! He was the innovator of all I teach here in Sedona. The Main Man!

How To Release Yourself From Fear

11.   Interview with best-selling writer and long time teacher, Joe. I caught Joe as he was doing his book tour for his acclaimed new book: "Fearproof Your Life." Powerful Insights on what "fear" really is!


12. Jack Pransky & Gregory Drambour on how to experience Goal Setting and Laws of Attraction .



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