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"Going Inside"
Spiritual Lessons

Part One

"Going Inside"


Program includes 4 Videos, 1 Hour Audio Teleseminar, 10 Instructional Lessons and very Powerful Notes from Phone Session With Spiritual Leader!

Each video, audio and lesson will support you in getting a deeper understanding that the world will always work from the inside/out! A deeper understanding will lead to freedom, deeper happiness, less reactiveness, a clear head and deepen your relationship with loved ones, friends, co-workers.

You will get deeper insights about the following:

  • How your thinking creates your feelings. (In my 30 years of work with clients--this is the on "insight that will change your life in one moment!)
  • The more you unlink feelings with the world the better you will feel.
  • You will stop thinking the problem is out there so you have to keep thinking about “out there!”
  • You will learn that the world has nothing to do with the way you feel!
  • You will realize you have the power to ignore thoughts anf thus change how you experience the circumstances in your life.
  • You will cross over from an intellectual spirituality to a "knowing."
  • You will become a lot less reactive to the circumstances and people in your life.
  • You will learn to wait for your innate wisdom to flow up and give you a deeper understanding of the event in front of you.
  • You will identify "ideas" about yourself and others that are not true.

The program is delivered to you online and you will receive it access to it immediately.

This program is taken from the Spiritual Warrior Online Program. Please see testimonials!

Sample of Testimonials For Online Programs

"Greg, thank you so much for your Deep Listening Program! Within a week I saw changes in my relationship with my husband and children. I had no idea how much I wasn't really listening to them. Thank you!"---Judy B. Seattle. WA

"The Invitation To Divinity has helped me so much to get out of my head and start being in faith. I've had a lot of "ahhaaa" moments as you call them! I am really grateful, Greg, thank you!" Paula M. Harrisburg, PA

"After our retreat you recommended your Healing Inner-Child Program. I was a little reluctant to open that door but I am really glad I did. The little boy inside me needed to come out!" Phil D. Vancouver, CA


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