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"The Foot Print "






Sedona Retreat & Sedona Vortex Stories

Gregory Drambour Author and Host of Sedona Sacred Journeys A weekly column about the adventures and insights that come from Sedona Retreats and Sedona Vortex Experiences and living in Sedona or as I call it--The Magic Kingdom!

Message for March 12

The Foot Print!
(An example of being in inquiry)

When clients come on retreat you will hear me encourage them to be in an inquiry about a question I pose to them. This means to let their innate wisdom have a chance to respond to that inquiry.  Well, I thought I’d talk about one of my personal inquiries.  In the last few weeks the red soil here in Sedona has been very porous, so it leaves a very defined imprint of your shoe, which lasts for a few days. 

Now for some strange reason, when I am walking along with clients and see my big 14-inch Lowa Hiking boot imprint from a previous day, I have this very strong pull to place my foot in the previous imprint.  I lay my foot down gently and exactly to the millimeter in the imprint.  I don't know why but it makes me feel good!  I kind of chuckle and feel like a little kid. Clients, of course, see me doing this and I am sure they wonder what's up!  And I always say the same thing, "I am not sure why I am so drawn to doing this but it just feels good in a way I can't really explain." That's my inquiry, brothers and sisters.  I know it may sound wild but something inside me tells me it's important. But I am not going to go into my personal mind and figure it out. I will just invite my wisdom or divinity to offer me an insight.  I truly believe the more you do this in your life, the smoother life flows.

As always, I am at your service here in Sedona! Smiles!

A Ho,


I heard the insight about this inquiry! When my footprint is left on the Mother Earth, she has a chance to heal the energy in that footprint--thus me! So when I go back a few days later and place my foot in that imprint, and feel suddenly giddy or happy, it’s because I am absorbing the healing that took place! It's like I sent my footprint off on retreat for a few days with the greatest healer of them all--the Mother Earth.


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