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The following combination of online programs were created from work with retreat clients and online clients and discovering what was the most powerful merging of different tools to achieve the goal! Whether it be finding a soul mate or mission or healing your inner-child. The combination of these programs create a super-strategy!

Each package comes with specific instructions/guidance about how to integrate the different tools.

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Note: Other than Shamanic Training Program, there is a 10% discount reflected with these combinations.

Magnetizing Your Soul-Mate!

1. Advanced Laws of Attraction ECourse - $175
2. Invitation To Divinity Assignment Group - $75

Fee - $225!

You know the soul-mate is out there but there is just something inside you that is blocking them from showing up. The combination of these programs will clear those blocks and also teach you a step-by-step approach to use advanced laws of attraction tools to magnetize them!

I have had great success with this combination! Thus far in two years with clients--17 Soul-Mates Found!

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Learn How To Find and Act On The Wisdom Inside of You!

1. 12 Teleseminar Package - $125
2. 2 Months Deep Guidance Video Series - $50
3. Invitation To Divinity Assignment Group - $75

Fee - $225

These three programs expose you to a group of super spiritual teachers in two different mediums--audio and video. The Divinity Assignment Group is designed to show you very clearly how to get into a deeper relationship with your wisdom.

There is lots of good spiritual education out there--this groups of teachers I feel are at the root-foundational level--which is the level you want to try get deeper insights about.

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Finding Your Mission!

1. Advanced Laws of Attraction ECourse - $175
2. Invitation To Divinity Assignment Group - $75
3. Inner-Child Healing Assignment Group - $75

Holiday Special Offer - $295

Finding your mission is my favorite thing to help clients with on retreat! I often tell clients it's not about looking for your mission--the mission exists inside you--always--you just have to clear the static between you and it! And also, you can use Attraction Work to pull the mission in!

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Please Note: The Special Holiday Offer End December 26th!

Develop Your Healing Gifts

1. Shamanic Training - $395

The shamanic training program at its core is about empowering you to allow your unique healing gifts to come out and help you develop confidence in them and strengthen them--to believe in them!

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At A Crossroads In Life!

1. 2 Months Spiritual Warrior Program Level 1 - $250
2. Advanced Laws of Attraction eCourse - $175
Bonus: Half-Hour Phone Consult With Greg - $60

Fee - $382

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So many clients come on retreat because they are at crossroads in their life, a place of transition. The Spiritual Warrior program is 24/7 place you can go for inspiration, guidance and powerful lessons to challenge you in a fun way. It will teach how to listen to your inner-guidance to get you pointed in the direction that is in your highest good. This is the jewel of the Sedona Sacred Journey online Programs.

Note: The Spiritual Warrior Program has all the Assignment Groups and Deep Guidance Videos within it

Waking Up & Healing The Inner Child

1. Inner-Child Assignment Group - $75
2. Advanced Laws of Attraction eCourse - $175

Fee - $225

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is help that inner-child heal. As a spiritual teacher I have seen more clients create amazing and very fast breakthroughs when they do this work. Most inner-children just want to have their feelings acknowledged--that simple act can create an enormous shift in your adult life.

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1. Super Creative Assignment Group - $75
2. Advanced Laws of Attraction eCourse - $175

Fee - $225

Creativity is innate to you--it's always there--you are always connected to it! It's much like a mission, you just have to sweep away what's in it's way. The combination of these two programs will help you breakthrough and allow those original and unique ideas to flow out of you!

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